All citizens deserve protection at work

“I AM a small business owner in Adelaide and I ensure the safety of myself, my staff and my clients.

My business, which provides sexual services to adult consumers, is criminalised.

While not fitting the mould of a young sex worker who has been formed by the stereotypical precursors to this line of work (sex, drugs and poverty), I have worked within the existing legislation affecting OH&S, WorkCover and discrimination based upon my professional choices.

I have done my utmost to ensure safety for both myself and my clientele, but in the event my state fails me with my right to due protection, I have developed my own policies, procedures and courses of action to preserve the right to health within the workplace.

Within a criminalised environment I have no legal rights as a worker to take recourse against violent action. I have been assaulted at work. It happened later, rather than earlier, and was entirely unexpected. I had to face being criminalised for my work while also being a victim of crime.”

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All citizens deserve protection at work