Now new media is driving the adult industry (TALK)

On April 26th I did a talk at the Crown & Sceptre to my old professional crew (social media, digital strategy, online, marketing & advertising) on how I’ve segued into the adult industry (and back again) and how I apply my professional skills into my well….other professional skills.

Taken from the FB event:

“#Socadl member Grace Bellavue will present fascinating insights into the impact of social media within the adult industry: the benefits not simply for building an online brand, but also for an online sense of community, comradery, support and public education.

The Crown and Sceptre will once again lend us their venue for this local Socadl case study. MC’d by Prakky.

Come along, listen to Grace, and have a drink with the Socadl community.”

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How new media is driving the adult industry (TALK)